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Simple… together we’ll look at how to turn your dreams into reality. I’m not talking ‘how to get rich quick’ or other such mass-market faff. I’m talking hard-won practical advice that balances achieving your dreams with your wellbeing. This isn’t about burning out or risking it all - quite the opposite. Subscribe to get FULL ACCESS to my newsletter and website. Never miss an update.

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Forgive me, I need to blow my own trumpet so you'll want to read my ramblings. I'm a serial dream-maker. By that, I mean that since I was a kid, whatever I have dreamt of doing, I have manifested in my life as a career or project. Growing up as a lover of magic, I dreamed of becoming a professional magician and went on to perform around the world for nearly two decades. I then dreamt of becoming an artist and writer - both of which are my current career. Given that most people never achieve their dreams, my Substack is purely to help Dream-Makers make their dreams come true. It's not about earning millions or world domination, it's about manifesting whatever you wish to do and making it a reality. Thanks for dreaming with me.

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OK, I suppose I better put this in. I can’t promise you that your wildest dreams will come true if you subscribe. But what I can do is give you all of my knowledge, tips and tricks, motivation and advice from decades of manifesting my own dreams into reality. At the very least, it’ll give you new ways of thinking, being and doing to help you make more of your own dreams come true.

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I'm a dream manifester! Here, I share with you hard-won practical advice, tips and tricks, motivation and inspiration, my process of how I turn ideas into reality so you can get paid doing what you love.